Building a Data Visualization Storyboard: The Series

I promised Carlos Chacon on the SQL Data Partners Podcast that I would share with his listeners pre-visualization strategies.

As I went to work, I thought that it would be a simple task to complete. But as I continued to write, the content kept getting longer.  Therefore, I decided I had to do something different…

So today, we will start the visualization series:

Building a Data Visualization Storyboard

If you’ve heard my presentation, “Data Visualization: How to truly tell a great story!”, you’ve heard me mention about using a storyboard to get a better understanding of the problem.  Understanding the problem will help save you time by eliminating duplication and replication of efforts. Additionally, it provides a visual for the client to understand the problem-solving process from start to finish.

When I read the book, “Storytelling with Data” by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, she does a great job introducing the concept. It’s a great read and an excellent reference tool for anyone in the data viz world.  I’ll reference her work throughout our series and share with you my storyboard consulting experiences.

Stay connected for my next upcoming visualization blog. It will be our first storyboard sticky installment . . . The Problem.

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